1960 Photographs
James Ruse Agricultural High School Pioneers Inc.

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1960 Class 4A - Full Size (1957 - 1961 Cohort)
1960 Prefects - Full Size (1957 - 1961 Cohort)

B   David Sandoe,  Christopher Beard,   Ian Fowler,  James Smith,   Kevin Swann,   Adrian Lynch,   John Kazis,   Ross Patane

M   David King,  Mr. Jack Littler,  Gordon Kimpton

F  Christopher Ottaway,   Curtis Hill,  Anthony Brownhill,   Alan Bell,  Colin Mew,  Ian Brothers,  John Hoskin 
1960 House Captains, Vice-captains,
& Year Representatives- Full Size

B Kevin Swann,   Ray Gall,  Barry Denis,   Curtis Hill,   Geoffrey Peattie,   Alan Bell,   O. Manson 

M K. Harris,   P. Lewis,  M. Deegan  R. Wright,   A. Gillespie,    K. Johnstone,   Uldis Dzintars

F  Richard Henry,  Ian Herford,  Mr. A.G. Cameron,   Mr. J. Hoskin,  Mr. A. Colvin,    Ray Stanford,   David Cadwallader

B  Mr. Jack E. Littler,  David Cadwallader,  John Kazis,   Kevin Swann,   Ian Fowler,   Peter Jones,   Ian Herford,   Dennis Allwood,   Ian Brothers,  Mr A.G. Shearman

F  Curtis Hill,   Mr. A.G. Cameron,  Alan Bell (School Captain),    Mr. James Hoskin,  Richard Henry (School Vice Captain), Mr. Robert Anderson,  John Hoskin

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B  Dennis Loughhead,   David Cadwallader,    Allan Gillespie,  John Funnell,      Anthony Wolfendale,   Edward Roche,    Dennis Allwood,  Ray Gall

M  Ian Lloyd-Jones,   Mr Trevor J. Grogan,   Ian Herford

F 1 Richard Henry,   Ray Stanford,   Philip Menger,   Geoffrey Peattie,  A. Ferguson,    Barry Denis,   G. Wright,   Uldis Dzintars
1960 Class 4B - Full Size (1957 - 1961 Cohort)
B   Peter Stereleny,    Richard Henry,    B. Fraser,     Anthony Brownhill ,   Peter Schmalz,       John Hoskin ,     Adrian Lynch

M   Ray Stanford,    P. Seymour,      David Sandoe ,  B. Stewart,      J. Milburn,    J. Lobb ,   Barry Baillie,  J. Miles

F    Ian Herford,    Colin Mew,       Lt. Ward,     R. Tucker,     Lt. Coveney,      Uldis Dzintars ,   Anthony Wolfendale
1960 Cadets - Full Size
B   R. Bond,     David Cadwallader,   Alan Bell,     G. Whitney,   M. Deegan

M   B. Fraser,   Anthony Brownhill,   Richard Henry,    D. Burdett,   Allan Gillespie
F   Ian Herford,   J. Lewis,       Mr. J. Ward,    Ray Stanford,   Ian Lloyd-Jones
1960 1st Rugby Team - Full Size
B   O. Bradley,      W. Hockey,      Anthony Brownhill,   Alan Bell,       B. Yuill,    J. Ogg

F   Mr. J. Ward,     A. Horsfall,     Dennis Loughhead,   Allan Gillespie,   Ian Richardson,   Ray Gall
B  Richard Henry,   Curtis Hill,  Ray Gall,   Barry Denis,    David Cadwallader,   Ray Stanford

F  Alan Bell,   Peter Jones,  David Sandoe,   Dennis Loughhead,   Mr Alan Shearman
1960 Squash Team - Full Size
1960 1st Cricket Team - Full Size
Teachers in charge of Cadets were:-
Mr. Myers (English, History, Science, Maths)
Mr. Ward (Science & Maths, Agriculture)
Mr. Coveney (Science & Maths, Agriculture)
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School Photos were taken in
1957 & 1958.
Click here to to see some of the 1960 pupils who enroled at James Ruse after 1959.
1960 Tennis - Full Size
1960 Athletics - Full Size
1960  Swimmers - Full Size
B:  R. Armstrong,    L. Dunlop,    D. Burdett,    Barry Dennis,    J. Lark

M:  Cris. Beard,    J. Chegwyn,    R. Marshall,    P. Kennedy,    A. Bell

F:  Mr. Thomas,    K. Harris,    J. Mail,    T. James,    Mr. Colvin
B:  G. Preston,    Ian Lloyd-Jones,    J. Lewis,    D. Campbell,    Ken Evernden
M:  P. Black,  P. Stephens,  D. Chapple,  Brendon Stewart,    G. Smith

F:  P. Brazier,  G. Simpson,  P. Whetham,  J. Cooney,  R. Johnson
B:  J. Miles,    I. Richardson,    B. Fraser,    Geof Peattie,    J. Delaney,    D. Campbell

M:  D. Marrett,    J. Lewis,    G. Preston,    O. Manson,    M. Gunton,    D. Chapple,    R. Turner

F:  M. Deegan,    P. Whetham,    Barry Baillie,    A. Denham,    J. Hobbs
B:  P. Ryan,    J. Camidge,    G. Marshall

M:  B. Walsh,    A. Bright,    P. Core,    J. Frampton,    J. Elliott,    A. Stephens

F:  Mr. Bingham,     B. Currie,    R. Hobbs,     M. McDermott,    R. Turner,    D. Marrett
1960 2nd Grade Cricket - Full Size
B:     B. Wiess,    A. Horsfall,    M. McDermott,    Barry Baillie,    J. Hagarty

M:  Mr. Coveney,    P. Black,    B. Currie,    A. Stephens,    P. Ryan

F:  P. Waugh,    P. Warner,    I. Mead,    R. Dyer

1960 7 stone 7 ounces Rugby - Full Size
B:  Barry Baillie,    J. Frampton,    W. Evans,    G. Collins,    J. Lobb

M:  Mr. J. Moore,    J. Camidge,    A. Horsfall,    P. Seymour,    B. Currie

F:  Ray Gall,    P. Whetham,    R. Hobbs,    M. McDermott,    R. Wiess

1960  6 stone 7 ounces Rugby - Full Size
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