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This page was last updated: August 7, 2015

Memories of 1958 -
I can remember the school being built around us, the science block, the library, the metalwork and woodwork rooms, the administration building. I can also remember using the old Howard rotary hoe to prepare the ground for the lawn in the front of the school. Then there were the fund raisers to gather the funds for the oval. The relocation of the agricultural field from the front of the school to its current location. I guess I could carry on for hours about the schools beginning, the teachers and staff...... But another time perhaps. Great memories...... Great school....
John Reid - Graduation Year:- 1958

I remember -
I go back before we even had an oval at JR in fact I remember when Mr Mullavey was the Boss. I think he went on to become a district inspector. Mr Hoskins was the greatest. He was a man that you could talk to and I even remember when I came back to JR in 62 to try to complete high school he told me that I couldn't park my car in his car space. He also told me that if I wanted a smoke to come to his office as it would be a bad influence for the younger students to see me smoking behind the toilets. I was 18 at the time. How times have changed.

I remember one of the sports activities was crossbow shooting and we made our own crossbows from car springs. It is amazing how far a wooden dowel would penetrate several layers of corrugated iron. I remember MR. (write out a confession) Shearman the prefects master. He must have left JR with a shipping container full of "confessions".

Oh for the good old days when life was so much more simple and I was slim and had a full head of red hair with an "elvis" curl out the front and side burns down to my jaw. Mr (zorro) Berry was my class teacher and I felt his cane just about every day except those days when he had to get a new one after I had broken or hidden his present cane. He could hit very hard for such a small man.
Neal Tolly -1st year 1958

First time we beat Hurlstone at rugby -
I commenced JR when Jim Hoskin started in 1959 - and he walked into one of his morning assemblies and announced that the school would be named JRAHS - from that day on.

I did my Leaving Certificate in 1963. One highlight in 1963, was when I was captain of the 1st XV rugby team, and we beat Hurlstone for the first time. We came of age that day.
Barry Baillie  - 1959 - 1963

About the Carlo Express -
Isn't remarkable that 50ish years ago we were lucky to be able to sign our names using an ink pen plus coming to school on the steam powered Carlo express. Today we have the wonderful internet technology to catch up with old school friends. Although it still was great to coordinate a toilet flush over Kissing Point Rd. Huge thanks to Alan and Kevin for putting this all together
Dennis Loughhead - 1957 - 1961

I also recall we used to have competitions to see how many pupils we could cram in a toilet (cramming people on mini minors was the craze in those days). On a couple of occasions a group of us walked down the track from Carlingford to Clyde. The dangerous parts were crossing the bridge over the main road and the Parramatta River bridge. (Not only could one slip between the sleepers to near certain death, there was nowhere to go if a train came along.
Kevin Swann - 1957 - 1961 

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This page was last updated: August 7, 2015
The young male dog -
While the school was in the process of being built, the workers had a small depot of sand & gravel to make concrete with. It was during a recess when all the boys were under the trees in the shade the a female dog wandered in to the quadrandle and eventually laid down on the sand. Then a young male dog came in and found the female which must have been on heat for it tried to mate with her. It must have been the first time for the male for it was trying all over the female but the right place. This cause all the boys to laugh. We must have made a racket for a male teacher came out and asked what we were all laughing about. We just pointed to the direction of the workers sand/gravel area. The teacher wandered over saw what was happening, looked at the boys and walked back to the teachers room. I can only surmise that he refused the tell the other teachers for a few minutes later the only female teacher came out and went directly to the sand/gravel area. She took one look at the dogs (they were still at it), turned and look at us and while we were laughing rushed back to the teachers room.

The cavalry charge -
One morning more than half the boys were missing from morning assembly. I was standing in line where I could see between school building and the electrical power station building. The old train had arrived but there was no sign of the missing boys. What had happened was that one of boys of the missing stopped all the other late/missing boys from venturing further where they could be seen by those already in the morning parade. When all the late/missing had gathered, one of them who had brought a bugle with him sounded the US Cavalry Charge and the all the late/missing boys ran screaming into view and into the school grounds.

Silver strands -
Down the side of the grounds on Baker St there was a group of old chicken runs that had some kind of vine with large pods growing on them. Our class was taken down there one day and were told to leave the pods alone. Wrong thing to say especially before leaving us. Before long a large quantity of pods had been pulled and thrown. It was found that when the pods hid the ground they burst open and the inside silver strands floated into the air. Before long the place was covered in silver strands while we sat about looking innocent when the teachers arrived back.

History teacher -
You may remember the the history teacher, old Boggo.
When he came into our class he always carried a new full box of chalk and a new cane, but he always departed the class room without them. He would come in to the class place the box of chalk and cane on his desk in front of the class. 

Who ever was seated nearest to Boggo's desk would when Boggo's back was turned start liberating the chalk and pass it around the class. The chalk sticks would be broken into small pieces and tossed about the class when Boggo was writing on the chalkboard.  It would appear that in the position I sat in the room and the angle of Boggo to the
board his glasses acted as a mirror and could see everything I did especially when I was about to toss a piece of chalk.

His cane always took a journey around the class and Boggo could never find it. When he finished his lesson and left, the cane went down the back of the stationery cupboard near
the door. Goodness known how many canes ended up there.
Funny thing though, I always passed his tests and exams in history.

Student teacher -
I think it was in '58, 3B class, it was after a set of  exams that several student teachers were assigned to the school to gain some experience. Our class had a nice young woman. The whole class got on well with her until one dill stood on top of a desk, lowered his pants and mooned his rear at her. She never batted an eye or said anything but we never had her in our class again.

Prefect he/she - In 58 one of the Prefects (no complaints against him just that he was a prefect) that was in our class was voted to take part in a play which called for a female.  Once he was dressed up in a frock, false bust, stockings, shoes & a wig with make-up he made a lovely young woman. (Kind of backfired on all of us.) He really made the play.
Don Hutchison - 3rd year 1958

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